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S&P NailCare: Basecoats

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We’ve all been there – wondering if we can save time and money if we just skip the base coat and head straight to our chosen mani colour. Trust me I was one of them too but there are a few advantages to using basecoats that everyone should be aware of. This will be a no-brainer to some of you nail junkies out there, but for the newbie’s this is a great place to start. Just add a few more minutes to your at home mani by adding a basecoat and you’ll be thanking me later!

Basecoat Background & Benefits

Basecoats give the nail polish an even surface to stick to, this can help prevent your polish appearing streaky or showing any ridges you may have on your nails. It also acts as a barrier between the nail polish colour and your nails preventing them from yellowing, staining or absorbing any of the damaging chemicals that can be found in some nail polishes (FYI all Scratch&Pout. shades are toxin free!) You can even get basecoats with added extras such as vital vitamins for the nails, strengtheners, and some even double up as a topcoat! It also helps with chipping, just think of basecoat as what primer is to makeup. Below are what I have found to be the most talked about basecoats on the interwebs…

Indie Brands aka Scratch&Pout Faves

Indie basecoats

ella+mila – all about the base

ella+mila says “This product has been formulated to help enhance the appearance of the natural nails. Apply one coat to prepare the nail bed for an even and leveled nail lacquer application.

This is fast drying and honestly has my manis and pedis lasting the longest I have ever seen. I can go well into two weeks with the same colour only chipping my index fingers, which have a habit of chipping on the same corners (does anybody else get that?) So all I have to worry about is the regrowth…

Floss Gloss – Bassline

Floss Gloss says “Everyone loves a good bassline  The ultimate foundation, Basecoat Help your mani last longer by laying this base down first.”

I have also used this basecoat especially for Floss Gloss manis as I believe it works better together as a system. Again this dries super fast and creates the perfect base for your colour to go on top.

Both ella+mila and Floss Gloss are toxin free and vegan and can be purchased at Scratch&Pout

Big Brands

Big brand basecoats

OPI – Nail Envy

OPI says “For weak, damaged nails. Strengthens with wheat protein and calcium. For harder, longer, stronger nails to envy!” It can also be used on top of nail lacquers to continue strengthening your nails with any mani. I personally use this as a nail treatment rather than a basecoat but while researching for this post I have noticed a lot of people swear by it as a basecoat too.

Nail Envy can be bought at Amazon, Boots and for a great discounted price at Nail Polish Direct


butter London – Nail Foundation

butter London says “The Nail Foundation Priming Basecoat smoothes and fill ridges while promoting stronger, healthier nails over time with horsetail extract and hydrolyzed silk.”

I use this along with a few others, it is by far one of my favourite mainstream base coats. Fast drying and does exactly what the description says, smoothes and fills ridges. My manis last without chips and I’ve even gone a day or so before I actually got to paint my nails the mani colour and the base was perfect still. I flip between this and ella+mila depending whichever is closest to hand.

Nail Foundation can be bought directly from the butter London website

Thats our wrap up of basecoats, what are your fave basecoats? We’d love to hear of all the brands out there…

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